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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Matchbox Swap 2001 - May - Music

Here's what I came up with for Matchbox Swap 2001's May theme:  Music
Here's what was inside:
The domino has 4/4 - get it?  4/4 time?
And the key? Music key? Get it?  Get it?
Like someone else said, it was hard to come up with music-themed things!


  1. Duh! I looked at the domino and the key and didn't get it until now.... what can I say Blond! thank you for the matchbox it is beautiful and so pretty . thank you for being my partner Hugs wendy

  2. Too cute...I have friend that plays the piano that would love that piano matchbox! Tiff

  3. omg..how beautiful!! you are so very creative! i would never have thought of this in a milion years!! your swap partner is going to be so thrilled with this!!!

  4. This is a wonderful matchbox art piece Jeanie!

    I'm enjoying the video under your blog banner, too. Poor cat ... but still ... giggle, giggle, giggle. :)

  5. Brilliant, what a fab idea to make a piano out of the matchbox.

  6. Yes, I get it, I get it!! Fun matchbox, stuffed with goodies.

  7. Well, hard or not, you did a beautiful job on this! I love it! ~tina

  8. Hi
    This is stunning.
    I've altered matchboxes and seen many but this is quite brilliant.