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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tuesday Senior Citizens' Day Thrift Store Finds

Another great day today! I thought I'd show a few things I bought that are not necessarily alterable, but nice, nonetheless.  Top, left to right:  a nice package of tassels, a vintage frame, and a large roll of lace with most of it there!  Front row left:  Chinese Textile Design book - all in color; a cheese board that matches a chip and dip set I already have!  I love when that happens!  Far right: four coasters that could be altered...but they're so pretty already!

In the bottom picture, in the back is a tiny porcelain vase with porcelain raised flowers.  I'm going to use these for calla lilies if my friend brings me some this year.  In the front:  two amazing Deco-type pins. 


  1. OOO Weee Jeanie, almost can't wait for those Senior's days. LOL
    Looks like some great finds. Enjoy, Les
    Pop over the tea cups are up on my blog and link to template.
    Les ♥

  2. Some good stuff there kiddo :)

  3. You do so well at the thrift shop - I may have to try again ;^)

  4. Fantastic finds, Jeanie. It makes being a senior worth while, doesn't it? I'm eager to see how you find uses for each of these amazing things. The Chinese textile designs will make some awesome asian art pieces.