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Friday, May 13, 2011

What's rocking your world this Friday?

Here's what's rocking mine:

1.  Problems with Blogger - Well now, confess:  didn't you really discover just how big a piece of your life your blog was when you lost access to it for about a day?  I know I did!  I felt like I was cut off from the world - virtually!  Soooooooooo glad to be back!

2.  The end of the work week - There was a 2-day sales meeting here in the office, which means a lot of running around for me, planning, picking up food, making sure everyone has what they need.  It also meant a lovely dinner at Carrabbas last night with the sales force!  I had the special dish - prosciutto wrapped pork tenderloin in a port sauce with figs and apples.  DELICIOSO!  I found a recipe online that looks like it could be a match.  If you'd like to try it, email me and I'll send it to you.

3.  Weekend Plans:  If all goes well, I will be attending a silent movie Sunday at a theater complete with a massive studio organ.  The film is Janet Gaynor's "Sunrise," an early Academy Award winner!

4.  Skype:  Hearing the news this week that Microsoft has purchsed Skype, I decided I needed to get in on this NOW before Microsoft gets hold of it.  I'm in the market for a computer camera this weekend.  Any suggestions from those of you who already have Skype will be vastly appreciated!

5.  New Tires:  I had a little extra money this week so - of course - something came along to take it all away. I went in for an oil change and tire rotation and came out with new tires.  (sigh).  Isn't there some sort of law (like Murphy's Law) that covers that?

6.  Crafting plans for the weekend
          Work on a new watercolor
          Alter a matchbox and finish another
          Make a Whimsy Pocket for Tee's swap (Sunday is the last
                  day to sign up for this! Don't miss it! 
                  Tee's swaps are really great!) 
         Alter a spice tin,
         Work on new Gingersnap "Twine" challenge.

7. Fantastic tutorials found on the Internet - it's always amazing how many wonderful ideas are out there - if we but search for them!  And it makes me so grateful for all of those wonderful people who take the time to post them and share them with the rest of us.

8.  Emily's Birthday - My granddaughter, Emily, turns 6 today! 
           Happy birthday, Sweetie!

Whimsy Pocket by Tee


  1. Ah bless - you're first to join in today hun and I'd agree felt like someone had severed my arm - kept feeling a bit lonely without all my lovely blog friends in my life even if only for a day!

    Hope you have a beautiful and blessed weekend!


  2. never realized how much time i spent on blogger..had withdrawals!!!!
    Happy Birthday to Emily!!!!
    wow..lots of weekend art!!!
    i don't have skype..no camera on my old computer. my son has it and loves it.
    happy weekend!!

  3. Yes...somewhat of blogger withdrawals made the Queen very CRANKY! But better now and posted a new post...having fun creating my very first whimsy pocket...have a great weekend...looks like you got lots to do. FUN! Tiffany

  4. Great rocking your world post! Ooh The Theater sounds neat! Love that kinda stuff.
    I too was lost without blogger!
    I also gave my camera to my son. Maybe I'll put one on my next computer,this one is acting up pretty good.
    And Happy B-Day to Emily. Hugs Tee

  5. Lovely list! I too was having withdrawal symptoms - didn't realise how much Blogger let me keep in touch with people!
    Enjoy your crafty weekend.
    Hugs xx
    p.s. the Law you're looking for is "Sod's Law" - if anything can go wrong, it will!!!

  6. Great list!I too was lost without Blogger. :(
    Enjoy your crafty weekend.
    Hugs xx
    p.s. think the law you're looking for is "Sod's Law" - if anything can go wrong, it will!!!lol

  7. Happy Birthday, Emily!

    So relieved Blogger is back too. I don't know anything about Skype, sorry. That meal has my mouth watering, sounds yum!

    Enjoy all your crafting this weekend,


  8. I didn't have Twitter either - it locked me out - no blogger, no twitter. I was on the verge of sitting in the corner rocking back and forth!

    That cinema trip sounds fantastic - hope you get there :D