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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Have you tried Postcrossing?


Postcrossing is a really neat website!  Through Postcrossing, you can send postcards to recipients around the world and receive postcards back.  The way it works:  when you sign up, you can request an address.  You will be sent an address of someone in the program.  (You can have up to 5 names at a time)  You have no choice regarding who or from where.  You send a postcard to that person. On that postcard, you write a control number.  When your recipient gets their card, they go to the website and acknowledge receipt.  Then, when that happens, you can send another card, if you like.

You can specify the type of card you'd like to receive; however no one is bound by this.  It's fine to continue corresponding with someone from whom you've received a card, if you both agree.  In my profile, I mentioned that I like flowers and I received this beautiful postcard from someone in Holland.  I've also received cards from Italy, Washington State,Prague, and Russia.  You can upload photos of postcards you've sent and received right on the website.

Try it! it's a lot of fun.

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