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Sunday, May 22, 2011

My First Bead Class in a Looooooooong Time!

Last Saturday, I took a bead class for the first time in a few years.  The class was taught by Sue Snell at The Beed Hive in Marietta.  I have never taken a class with Sue before and I was so glad I chose her class! She was an excellent teacher with a lot of patience and the ability to explain the procedures very clearly.  The class she taught was for a bracelet called the Duchess.  Check out this link to see what the finished bracelet looks like.  Check out the photo of the Empress bracelet, above the photo of the Duchess.  I will be taking the Empress class in a few weeks.

This is Sue

This is Beth.  There was a third student, Janet; but somehow I didn't get her picture!

This is Janet's work.  She chose beautiful green crystals.
These are the two motifs I finished in class.  The bracelet contains about 8 motifs (depending upon wrist size).  The motifs are connected together to form a really gorgeous bracelet!

Since I will be attending my daughter's wedding Saturday, I decided to take the two motifs I finished, created a third motif, and connected them together to make a necklace to wear to the wedding.


  1. This class sounds like lots of fun, and I know how much I always appreciate learning something new!.. The jeweled motifs you've made are very pretty! ~tina

  2. absolutely gorgeous!!!! xo

  3. Wow they are amazing - so very beautiful, I'm glad you had a great time