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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Experimenting with the Dahlia Fan Tutorial

I am so inspired by Juliet's Dahlia Fan Tutorial! I have many things I'd like to try with this technique.  Over the weekend I experimented using scallop-edged circles to create the 'petals.'
I thought it would take 10 petals to complete the circle, but I think that was too many.  So I glued a petal - north, south, east, and west - in the middle of my larger scalloped circle.  Then I glued a petal in between each of those petals.  So I used a total of 8 petals to complete this design.   I think if I had not used the scalloped circles, 10 petals would have fit.  Anyway, this was just an experiment. One of many to come! 


  1. Oh thats gorgeous. beautiful work on this piece
    hugs June xxxx

  2. How fun, to use scalloped circles! I think you are right, that 10 would have fit together snugly. I will have to link to this.

  3. oh..pretty,pretty,pretty!!!!
    going to put this on my "to craete list" !!!

  4. I do not do much craft work anymore I did enjoy creating things when my eyes were better. I enjoy seeing what others can do. This is a very pretty piece of work.

  5. Beautiful piece!TFS.
    Have a wonderful day.