"If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you."

Friday, June 3, 2011

What's rockin' your world today?

1.  The heat! 98 degrees yesterday - no change today. You can wilt just walking from your car to the house!  There's an orange alert, which is about as bad as it gets for those with breathing problems.

2.  Another jewelry class - I'm taking another class Sunday to learn this pattern:

We'll see how far I get!

3.  Back from my trip:  I got back Tuesday afternoon, so I've only worked 3 days this week - and it's the weekend already! I've posted a few pictures from my trip on Facebook.

4.  Lists:  I've always been a listmaker, but it gets worse all the time. I have to make a list for EVERYTHING and review it often to keep myself on track.  Then, if the lists get too long, I start to despair that I can't get it all done.  I see so many neat challenges and trades in blogland, and I want to do them all; but I need to discipline myself and leave some room for other things like (oh, for example) CLEANING!When I do finish something, I cross it off my list and feel good.  But if I've added 4 more things to the list in the meantime, it just never ends.  Some things stay on my list for a long time and others come and go quickly.  I have even been known to write something on the list that I have already done just for the pleasure of crossing it off!  Can you believe that?  I have 3 main lists:  stuff from the real world, and 2 art lists.  The real world list is pretty boring, as you can imagine.  The first art list includes things I'm looking for, things I want to make, etc.  Then the second art list is swaps I'm involved in including deadlines, addresses, etc.  This list has gotten longer lately!  I need to either work faster or weed some things out.  Have you had to handle this problem?  And if so, how did you handle it?

5.  Hamburgers:  Yes, sad to say, but hamburgers rock my world on a regular basis.  While in the greater Cincinnati area I enjoyed this lovely meal:
This is a Frisch's Big Boy platter.  PLEASE don't tell my doctor I ate French fries! I'm not supposed to!  Not pictured is a small dish of heavenly sweet-sour cole slaw.  I could not resist the fries because of Frisch's signature tartar sauce - served on everything, including fish.  Dipping your French fries in this delectible sauce is just about as close to Nirvana as you are ever likely to get! (You can see the small containers of extra tartar sauce in back of the plate).  EVERYONE orders extra tartar sauce.  They even sell the stuff in jars!You will see that the Big Boy has the middle bun, which I joked about removing in order to save calories.  But it's not a bad idea.  I didn't do it the day I ate this, though.  It had been so long since I'd enjoyed this tasty treat that I devoured everything.  This was my very first meal in my home town area.


  1. I SO know what you mean about having such a lot of art stuff to do and the boring real life stuff too - how do I manage it? By the skin of my teeth most the time!

    You know what? I think that Big Boy platter was worth every calorie! After all, how often do you get to enjoy such naughty yummies?!

    Have a great weekend and enjoy your class on Sunday (looking forward to seeing the results).


  2. Oh looks yummy, hope you enjoyed every bite.
    You only get one go around in life...have fun while you can !
    Hugs, Amy

  3. Jeanie,
    That burger looks amazing! I could inhale that and the fries right now!
    I gave up on lists...I never stick to them!
    Have a super weekend! I am anxious to see your jewelry!

  4. Oh the hamburger looks gorgeous, the to do lists made me giggle I'm a list girl - can't help it believe it's genetic LOL! the jewellery is gorgeous too -hope you enjoy learning the pattern!

    Have a beautiful and blessed (and hopefully cooler) weekend


  5. Don't blame you for scoffing the whole burger :D

    I used to be a list maker, post it notes stuck to every surface - before I had kids. Then as my lists used to dissapear and I'd find them weeks later all scribbled over - I kind of got out of the habit - now I just forget EVERYTHING! I really should start again.

    Hope you have fun at the class - it looks so complicated *g*