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Monday, June 6, 2011

52 Starlets Art Challenge - Doris Day

Doris Day is the subject of week 4 of 52 Starlets Challenge.
Doris Day appeared in The Thrill of It All, which is the first film that I can remember having what seemed like an obvious commercial tie-in.  In the film, her character sings of praises of 'Happy Soap,' while romancing James Garner, who I believe has never made a bad film.   The 'tie in,' if it was such, was to a new dishwashing liquid just being introduced called "Thrill."  Unfortunately, the detergent didn't last too long on the market, and it was difficult for me to even find an image of the bottle on the Internet!


  1. Love it. I agree that James Garner has never made a bad film. At least not one I can think of. I love the research you did and am amazed that you found the image of the soap! WONDERFUL JOB!! Thanks for joining The 52 Starlet Art Challenge. :)

  2. My gosh, where have I been? This sounds like fun! I'll have to see if it's too late to join. LOVE your tag! ~tina

  3. What a cute collage...it gives me a thrill just looking at it Jeanie...great job!!

  4. Great tag - love what you have done with Doris!