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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Treasures of the Sea Matchbox

This month's theme is Treasures of the Sea.

This box took A LOT of time to make!  I didn't know what I was getting myself into. 

To make the outside of the box, I first covered the entire box with sea aqua paper and then painted 3 sides of the lid with Scribbles 3D paint and gave it a couple of days to dry.  I left a big opening in the center of the box lid, which was to be the ocean.  A couple of days later, when I was sure the Scribbles was dry, I cut some paint chips into little fishies and put them in the large opening, attaching with glue.  When that dried, I filled the opening with a layer of Glossy Accents.  I wound up with a few bubbles; but that was fine for the ocean!  I glued small shells to one side of the box, and when that dried, glued on some sea green Austrian crystals.

On the other side of the box, I constructed a little fence using matchsticks and arranged nylon net on it.  I then glued on some raffia to look like foilage.  So, the top was done.

 I knew from the start that I wanted to use an undersea scene for the inside of the box, and I knew I wanted to use this Mermaid image for the scene.  I glued the Mermaid into the bottom of the box, then added some raffia to look like seaweed.  At the bottom of the scene I glued actual blue topaz crystals.  I painted the interior of the box with Scribbles 3D paint.  I gave the inside of the box a long time to dry, meanwhile painting waves on the outside of the drawer and attaching a ceramic bead as the drawer pull.  When everything was dry, I added the little shells and covered everything with a thick (and I mean THICK) layer of Glossy Accents.  I just about filled the drawer with the stuff!  Then I waited 2 days while it dried.  But after 2 days was up, I couldn't se the Mermaid - the Glossy Accents looked cloudy!  I figured I'd overdone it and used way too much.  I was depressed, because it was the day I was leaving on vacation and I didn't have time to start remaking the drawer.  So I figured I'd have to start all over again when I got back to make the drawer with a thinner layer of Glossy Accents.

I was gone on vacation for 6 days.  When I got back from vacation, I was AMAZED to find that the Glossy Accents had dried even more and now I could see my Mermaid!  HOORAY!  So, this box, about a month in the making, was finally done!

Since I'm not filling the box with goodies, I wanted to send along a little something extra so I used the Mermaid image to cover a Formica sample, added some German scrap and ModPodged it to make a key chain.


  1. oh, your hours of work and attention to detail really shows in this!! it is gorgeous!!! whoever gets this beauty is going to be doing a happy dance for weeks!!! :)

  2. goodness..i was so overwhelmed by the matchbox,i forgot to say how much i liked the keychain you made!!! it's lovely!! I'd hang it up before i hid it in a purse with my keys!! :)

  3. Beautiful! You can tell you put some work into it! Hugs,Tee
    Oh And I love your different cat pics! I always enjoy checking them out! Lol

  4. I can imagine that it must have taken ages to make this box, but it was so worth it, it is fabulous!

  5. Well this is just the best masterpiece I have seen yet! Oh if only it were mine...how I adore your design...what a sweet mermaid!! My matchbox is on the way to you...watch for it!
    Sent and made with love from the cozy cottage

  6. Wow! This is beautiful Jeanie.. Well worth all the time you put into it!!.. Have a wonderful weekend! ~tina

  7. It's fabulous...I was wondering if you used resin or glossy accents. I will have to give this a try because I think the inside is absolutely stunning! Thanks so much for sharing.