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Sunday, June 5, 2011

52 Starlet Art Challenge - Maureen O'Sullivan

The starlet for Week 1 of 52 Starlet Challenge is Maureen O'Sullivan.

Maureen O'Sullivan was the mother of actress Mia Farrow.  Here is a photo of Maureen and Mia taken when Mia was quite young:
And here is a photo that was probably taken in the early 60's.
Isn't it strange that Mia seems to have almost the same look on her face in both pictures?


  1. I LOVE that Mia has the same look in both photos. LOVE your artwork!! It is FABULOUS!!!!!!!! Thanks for joining The 52 Starlet Art Challenge.

  2. Your collage is nice. Love the photo of Mia and her Mom. Mia was a very pretty lady just like her Mother.