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Monday, March 28, 2011

Ruby Tuesday - Memories

Here's a photo of my girls taken around 1981.  Suzanne, on the left, is now 34 and the mother of two daughters.  She works as a patient liason at an Oncologist's office.  Jennifer, in the red swing, is now 31, and the mother of a two-year old.  She is a teacher.  Amy, the oldest, now 36, is the mother of three, and a manager with the UC Physicians organization.  They might not understand it now, but I still see them as they were in this photo!


  1. Great shot - wonderful memories! As their kids get older, they'll understand perfectly ;^)

  2. A very wonderful memories!! Thanks for sharing!
    It must have been love

  3. I feel the same way.Sometimes when I'm with the kids I just stare at them and wonder where it all went so fast!
    hugs, Amy

  4. Wonderful photo...:)
    I know what you mean...sometimes, when I look at my 46 year old son across the room, I still see the happy-go-lucky little boy with the sparkling eyes.(he now has 6 children and one little granddaughter). Same with my little girl who is now 41 and the mom of 4.
    I can't help missing their LITTLE selves...
    bwaaaaaa.....now I am blue...:)
    xo bj

  5. I'm so glad this theme resonated! You know that commercial where the Dad is giving the keys to his daughter who is sitting in the car? The girl is little - about 6 but at the end of the commercial, you see she's all grown up. Boy-the first time I saw that commercial, I really related!

  6. What a beautiful photo. Happy RT!

    Mine's here.