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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Altered Matchbox Challenge - March - Birds

I decided to do a Hummingbird matchbox.  First, I covered the matchbox with -- MATCHES!  LOL!  I have been wondering for some time what to do with all of the matches I am accumulating from making these little altered beauties.  I think I have a lifetime supply!  So I decided to attach them to the matchbox in an artistic design.  Here is the bottom:
After gluing the matchsticks to the box, I used walnut stain to give them a realistic look.  I wanted the whole box to have a somewhat weathered, outdoor look.  I arranged matchsticks on the top in a different pattern, which is difficult to see since I added the hummingbird and flower.
The little flower is home-made and covered with stickles.  The drawer pull is actually a wooden bead from my jewelry supplies.
I glued popsickle stick pieces to both sides of the box and stained them with walnut stain.  I made a leaf border using bread dough clay and glued it to the sides, then painted the leaves with acrylic paint.

What's inside?  I won't post that until my trading partner receives it.

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  1. Love it Jeanie! Great idea using up some matchsticks, it really does have an outdoorsy feel to it - like wooden decking. Your home made flower is beautiful and I like how the bird is feeding from it! Wonder what's inside - maybe I'll be lucky enough to find out this time!

  2. Jeanie!! This is fantastic! Love what you have done with the matches, so creative! The hummingbird and flower are Lovely!!
    Jan x

  3. This is too cool Jeanie.. love the rustic look to it..and hummers are my fav birds..

  4. Super little box - lovely to look at, Jeanie!

  5. I just love your humming bird. The whole box is gorgeous.