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Sunday, March 6, 2011

I'm Beading Again!

Since bead weaving is a special love of mine, I've always enjoyed using patterns created by Deborah Roberti.  Her designs usually feature crystals, another particular favorite.  Her directions are always crystal clear, too.  I have wanted to make something using Tila Beads, and when I saw a pattern created by Deborah, I knew this was it.  Tila beads are all the rage right now in the beading world.  The beads are 5mm by 5mm and each bead has two holes running parallel through the bead.  Having two holes instead of one opens up a whole new world of possibilities to beaders.  So I purchased the pattern and made the bracelet.  Of course, I couldn't let it go at that.  I wanted to make a necklace; but I knew that the wavy pattern of the bracelet would not result in a necklace that would lay straight.  So I came up with my own design based on the bracelet.  Hope you like it!


  1. Dear Jeanie,
    I LOVE, LoVe, love, this jewelry set. I LOVE THE COLORS, THE TEXTURE, And it simplicity is stunning...I know there was nothing simple about it but it is just me...I love the earrings because I have a short neck and the bracelet is a show stopper. You excel at everything you touch...boy would I like to spend a day with you.
    Simply Stunning
    Have A Sugar Sweet Day
    Simply Debbie

  2. Jeanie,
    Your jewelry set is so elegant! I think the bracelet is fabulous! Very nice work. I'm so glad to get to see your beading work, too!

  3. how stunning! The colors look like sea glass with parts of driftwood in them....a beautiful creation!!!!

  4. This is absolutely gorgeous! Now I want tila beads...

    I had forgotten that I had a Deborah Roberti pattern that I had downloaded - the garden necklace - and had intended to make it once I had the bicones and gold beads (I bought them a year ago!). YOu have nudged me to get to work!