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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A new name - and my first blog giveaway!

In 2005, I started beading.  And when I started, there was no stopping me!  For many months, a day did not go by that I did not spend time beading.  For four years, I attended bead classes, browsed the Internet for bead tutorials, and spent every spare moment creating.  I even taught bead classes in local stores.

Then, in 2009, I started to feel that I needed a change.  I was, frankly, burned out.  My niece introduced me to Artist Trading Cards.  And that was all it took to get me off on new artistic adventures.  I joined online groups, local meetup groups, and traded, traded, traded.  I also started learning as much as I could about backgrounds, paint, and paper.  I have never really had any artistic training.  So many of these things were brand spanking new to me.

When I started working with paper, I stopped posting on my jewelry blog and started this blog, All My Artist Trading Cards.  It’s amazing how many directions this addiction has led to!  In September of 2009 I started taking watercolor lessons.  I had never had any aspirations to paint!  But now, my progress with artist trading cards had given me the confidence to try.

So now I’ve come full circle.  I have heard the muse of beading calling me again.  I want to spend some time making jewelry as a creative outlet.  But I have no intention of giving up paper!  And I don’t have time to start a blog for each of my individual creative endeavors, so I’m renaming my blog:

                  All My Art

As I started posting my watercolor work, I will be posting pictures of the jewelry I create.  All of the jewelry I made the first time around is still available for viewing at my old beading blog, I’m Beading As Fast As I Can.  (See the link on the sidebar).

I hope you will enjoy seeing everything that I create, be it an atc, a painting, a collage, or a necklace.


To celebrate this change, I want to offer my first ever giveaway on my blog.  (I’m not counting One Heart One Hand).  This giveaway is open to my blog followers ONLY.  So if you are not currently following my blog, it’s simple to just click on the sidebar and become a follower.  I currently have 90 followers; so if everyone takes part in the giveaway, you have no worse than a one in 90 chance of winning!  Of course, new followers will be in the drawing, too.  Here’s what I am giving away:

Here’s what you have to do to enter the giveaway:

  1. If you’re not already a follower of my blog, become a follower.
  2. Leave a comment to this message.  In your comment, I’d like for you to recommend another artistic blog to me.  It could be a blog that has inspired you, a blog that you visit over and over, or a blog that has just started and needs encouragement.
  3. One comment only per person, please.
I will declare a winner using a Random Number Generator on March 15.

I appreciate all of you who follow my blog and leave encouraging comments, and comments that point me in the right direction.  Without you, the blog would exist in a vacuum.  I can never thank you enough.


  1. Jeanie,
    I am excited to see more of your jewelry. You are such a talented artist! Please count me in on your giveaway...I am already a follower! Here is a link to a great artist I think you'll like: http://liferreiranhan.blogspot.com

    Take care,

  2. Hello Jeanster!
    Love the new name. Glad you're revisiting your first passion. The collar is just beautiful. I found a really cool site for sketchers. I don't draw, in any form, but the beauty of the drawings are amazing. I love browsing and finding new artists. Sketchers from all over the world pariticipate. here's the link: http://www.urbansketchers.org/. Which doesn't look like it's going to be automatic! Sorry. I still don't know what to do with this PC! Miss ya, much. Tina

  3. What a beautiful beaded necklace Jeanie! I'm a fairly new follower of your blog and look forward to seeing all of your art! I've just recently discovered a blog during OWOH that I am enjoying very much, it is http://kathymcelroy.typepad.com/stories2tell/. I hope you enjoy visiting it to. Have a great day.


  4. You are asking the impossible! How can I pick just one blog which inspires me again and again? There are so many. I have to be totally honest and say that the first one which sprang to mind was Dorthe's blog http://denlillelade.blogspot.com/, followed a split second later by Xela's blog http://cottage-dreams.blogspot.com/ and then so many blog names just tumbled through my brain. I love them all.

  5. Jeanie,
    Love your new name :D
    Beautiful beadwork!
    Here's a little art blog I like to check in on
    Lots of little ACEOs.

  6. Jeanie. whatever you create is wonderful!
    I recommend a few blogs but I think you will like

  7. love this giveaway, I am your follower and please visit this blog for more inspirations. http://www.ingvildbolme.com/

    Thanks for the chance.

  8. I love your necklace. Fantastic !!!! Please counte my in.
    Have a nice day
    Hugs Alexandra

  9. what a very lovely necklace.. I so wish I could be a beader.... my blog I reccomend is....


    I love her and all things made by her... check it out..thanks for the chance and thanks for being a follower of my blog too...

    I love being a multi crafter... wish I could do watercolors...hehehe! I am hooked on swapping, especially ATCs

  10. Dear Jeanie,
    I felt certain I was a friend/follower of your blog but when going through the names, I didn't find mine, so I became your 96th friend.
    I am in awe of your beautiful necklace...it reminds me of the Reniasance Period.
    There are so many blogs but during OWOH, I found an artist that just blew my socks off and sent me around the moon barefoot.....http://dubuhdudesigns.typepad.com
    She made the doll Anastacia...I left her a comment and blogged on her but I am a stranger to her but her work looks as if it was made for royalty..stunning work.
    me, I am just a simple ATC maker and have gotten interested in beading .
    Thank you for the opportunity to enter your give away and I hope you will decide to become a friend of mine.
    Have A Sugar Sweet Day
    Simply Debbie

  11. Oh Jeanie, This is lovely...I would love to own this beautiful piece.
    Thank you so much for your comment and Yes, I will follow.

  12. Great choice for a new name of your blog Jeanie - just about covers everything. Your beady giveaway gift look wonderful, very generous of you.

    A blog that I like and visit often is
    Hope you enjoy it too!

  13. Love the changes in your blog Jeanie.. and your beaded necklace is gorgeous..
    off hand can't pick a blog.. will think on it..lol

  14. Beautiful necklace and love the new look!

    I'm already a follower and it's so hard to narrow down to just one artistic blog, but if I had to choose I would say The Three Muses. http://thethreemuseschallenge.blogspot.com/

    When I lost my way in art, this challenge blog is what brought me back to it and I've been nose deep ever since I started with my first challenge. The added bonus is you can meet fabulous participants and check out many more blogs! :-)

  15. Jeanie, how cool is it that you've reinvented your blog so that we can all see how well rounded you are in crafting. I'm enjoying the journey with you immensely! I think you probably know about all the blogs that I know about, so I'll just give you the name of my own. I'm pretty new to blogging, and haven't put myself out there much, so there aren't many followers there. Hope you enjoy it. Gail
    blog name is: The artist in me.

  16. You necklace is so delicate! I love soft and vintage style items and you have captured the Victorian style I love so much with your pretty design! I can see myself wearing this ALL the time but specially to church with my Battenburg ivory blouse....oh per chance to be so lucky...
    Thank you for following Miss Peach's blog...I also have a craft blog you might enjoy...
    looking forward to getting to know you much better...Karla

  17. Hi Jeanie, Thanks for stopping by to say hello today. Your necklace is georgeous and I'd love a chance to win. I'm one of your new followers. I think you would like http://clothtocreation-pam.blogspot.com/ a sweet friend of mine from Australia. I like your change. I dabble in so many things I'd never be able to have a blog dedicated to one thing only. Have a great week! Linda

  18. You are an artist in so many fields. I have been looking thru your past blog post and I am in awe. Am a new follower. Here is a link to a blog I think you would be interested in. http://karenharveycox.blogspot.com/. The name of her blog is A Scrapbook of Inspiration. ~~Sherry~~

  19. Hi Jeanie, wow that necklace bleeeeeeeeew me away to beautiful, so intricate. simply amazing.
    one of my favourite blogs is to pop on to http://justlilla.blogspot.com/ i am always inspired by the beautiful things she makes.
    fingers crossed X