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Monday, March 21, 2011

Ruby Tuesday for An American Girl

My daughter, Amy,  went to Chicago on business recently and bought my granddaughter, Emily, an American Girl doll - also named Emily!  When I checked and found out how much those dolls cost, I was glad they were not high on my daughter's 'must have' list when she was a girl!  LOL!  She had a Cabbage Patch doll, that we had to wait for. (Named Lindley Athol) and that cost about 1/3 of what an American Girl doll costs.

Amy is bringing the 3 grandchildren to visit during spring break on her way with them to Disney World.  I wanted to get some gifts for the grandkids - so you can imagine my amazement when I found this cute little American Girl backpack, which appeared to be brand new, at my local Goodwill Store for less than $3!  She can carry it around the theme parks with her.  And if I ever win the lottery, maybe I'll buy her Emily doll some accessories!


  1. A practical case and I love red bags, shoes and gloves. Happy ruby Tuesday.

  2. The backpack is such a rich shade of red!


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