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Saturday, July 4, 2009

1939 World's Fair - The World of Tomorrow

This card was made for a trade between ten people. Each of us made a card representing a decade. When we have completed the trade, we'll all have ten decades' worth of cards.
My card represents 1939 and the fabled 1939 World's Fair. This is another obsession of mine. I have devoured everything I could regarding this incredible event. There is even about 20 minutes of color home movies of the event for view on the Internet.
Although the 30's might be more famous for the great depression, I chose the Fair to symbolize the era. In 1939, the depression was receding and the world was speeding up. The 1939 World's Fair had exhibits from around the world, all pointing to The World of Tomorrow and the great technological advances that were anticipated.
Little did anyone know that World War II loomed just around the corner and that the enormous strides toward a new world would be postponed.

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