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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Would you like to swap postcards with me?

If you follow my blog, you know that I have been involved with the Kindred Spirits Postcard Exchange.  It is so much fun creating art in the size of a postcard (4 inches by 6 inches).  I have been thinking that this is an ideal size in which to create and trade art!  There is more room to create than there is with an artist trading card, with the larger size of the postcard format.  And a postcard still fits into a standard mailing envelope and can usually be mailed for the cost of a single ounce.

A four by six inch piece of art fits well into a nice sized frame to be hung and displayed.

Would you like to swap postcards with me?  If you are interested, please send me a piece of art that you have created in the size 4 inches by 6 inches.  It does NOT have to be formatted as a postcard, unless you want to do that.  With the art you send, please let me know what kinds of themes you like and I will try to create my 'postcard' in a theme you will like.  When I receive your postcard, I will upload a photo of it on my blog and let everyone see what you sent.  Then, after you have received the postcard that I sent, I will upload a photo of my postcard.

Here are some of he subjects I like.  But I am open to ANYTHING! 

Cats - Flowers - Trees - Vintage - Humor - painted or drawn - Paris - tea - Asian - Butterflies - Mucha - Tiffany Lamps

My mailing address is listed in my blog profile.  Please don't forget to send me your address, especially if you do not have a blog, so that I can send your card to you as quickly as possible.

Let's swap cards!  This will be fun!


  1. What a great idea Jeanie. I want to finish up just a few things on my table and then I will email you in this next coming week. I would love to trade with you. I have NEVER done a postcard. Can we mail it like a postcard if we want to instead of an envy as long as it doesn't have dangly stuff and bulky on it? I have some ideas and now that I am using GIMP it may be a lot of fun to try some things.
    Let me know, Les

  2. You may certainly send your card as a postcard if you wish. Just take care of how you embellish it. Some horrendous things can happen to mail! My thought is that the card would be more safely sent in an envelope. I have put postcard backs on the cards I have made for my group swap, and I've even affixed cancelled stamps to the postcard back to make it look even more authentic. The very first postcard I got from that group was sent without an envie and it had a few dings on it, which I fixed. I have also received postcards in clear glassine envelopes that had the first class stamps attached. Email me some of your subject choices and I'll start putting my thinking cap on!

  3. Hi Jeanie, I love trading postcard with you especially handmade postcards.

  4. I would love to swap homemade postcards with you.