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Friday, July 8, 2011

52 Starlet Art Challenge - Julie Newmar

It has taken me all week to post something for Julie Newmar. I confess, Iwasn't sure how I feel about her.  In some ways, she was the quintessential Marilyn imitator.  However like many other imitators, she lacks vulnerability.  She is actually the first actress in the series that truly deserves the title starlet. 

Dictionary.com defines starlet as follows:


1a young actress promoted and publicized as a future star, especially in motion pictures.
2.  a small star or other heavenly body.
If the starlet's promise is fulfilled, she becomes an actual 'star.'  However in Hollywood, many actresses spend their entire career being starlets. (See second definition:  'a small star or other heavenly body.'
Julie did a memorable turn in the 50's movie Lil Abner as Stupefyin' Jones.  In the film, her character's mere presence was enough to stupefy any red blooded male. 
She has spent her career doing mostly TV - most notably, as Catwoman, in the 60's tv show Batman.  She was really my favorite Catwoman!  Her over the top acting style and physical attributes were perfect for this role, and she played it to the hilt.  She appeared in the enduring musical film, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. and also appeared on Broadway, winning a Tony award for her performance in the 1959 play The Marriage Go Round.  She reprised her award-winning role in the film version of the play.  Her only son, born to her while she was in her 40's, is deaf and has Downs syndrome.

I have to admit, that after reading about her life and career, I now feel differently about her.  I originally thought she was just a flash in the pan.  Although she is brainy and is known to have a fantastic sense of humor, she has never been given a role that could lift her out of the sexy beauty queen category, which is really too bad.

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  1. Your piece is Terrific. Julie will be forever known as CatWoman to most.
    I totally agree with you about her never getting a motion picture role that launched her into stardom like she could have been. Most people feel she was the quintessential TV starlet. Thanks for joining the 52 Starlet Art Challenge this week.