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Thursday, July 7, 2011

A New Challenge - Alter a CD!

We've altered all sorts of everyday household objects.  Let's move up to the computer age and alter a CD or DVD!  They're not hard to come by.  You may get them for free through the mail or enclosed with magazines.  They're usually pretty inexpensive at thrift shops.  Or you may have an old CD that you no longer want.  Try your hand at altering it! 

You can choose to cover the hole of the CD with your design, or you can use the hole as an integral part of the design.  You can alter the other side!  There are so many possibilities!  Do a Google image search for altered CD and you'll get lots of inspiration.

If you alter a CD, please post a photo on your blog and place a link at the bottom of this post.  I will not be hosting a swap, but if you see an altered CD that you'd like to swap for, please contact the creator privately and arrange your swap.

If you have problems entering your link, please email the link to me and I'll take care of it for you.
This is new, challenging, and intriguing!  Please participate.  Here are two CDs that I have altered:


  1. Oh such a cool idea. I will work on one today and hopefully post it tomorrow. :)

  2. Awesome!
    I have done this in the past but never quite figured out what to do with them once they were altered ?
    What do you do with yours?

  3. Pchickki: I would do the same thing I do with anything I create. Make it a hanging, give it away, etc. See if you can come up with a practical creation!

  4. Jeanie..how pretty these are!! I've never altered a CD..must give it a try..maybe in time for this challenge!!

  5. Nice Jeanie, these are wonderful.
    I can't say for sure I will alter one but you never say never in my little creative corner.
    Love your CD's.
    PS watch the mail

  6. also..tried to add your blog button..says the photo has been removed!

  7. I so love this idea, Jeanie...very short on time now with vacation looming around the corner. I may wait until I get home to try this. I'll be sure to post you a pix if I do. Thank you for your creative genius!

  8. This is very interesting, please drop by and see what I did with my cd. http://lavendulaloveliness.blogspot.com/