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Sunday, August 9, 2009

"My Country" Inchie Challenge

It was hard to limit myself to ten inchies for this challenge! I had three times as many and I finally narrowed it down to these 10:

1. Cabin in the Smoky Mountains
2. Old Faithful
3. Savannah Square
4. Delta Queen
5. Statue of Liberty
6. "The Wall" - Vietnam Vets memorial
7. Mammoth Cave in Kentucky
8. Grand Canyon
9. Waffle House (they're EVERYWHERE!)
10. Vermont

To create these cards, I started with chipboard and laid down a coat of gesso. Then I added a coat of thinned acrylic paint in a very light blue color. When the cards were dry, I squirted them with 'twinkings,'or 'glimmer,' a combination of water, alcohol ink, and ground mica.

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  1. what a great idea for inchies...!!..How will you display them when you get them all.?