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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Another Favorite Necklace

The pattern is Emily Hackbarth's "African Necklace," which was available free at about.com.
This was so much fun to make! It's always a challenge to see how soon you can get the pattern in your head.  The necklace consists of 19 identical motifs, connected.  Each motif had 23 steps to completion!  I'm making it sound complicated, but it's really not!  After about 2 motifs, you have the pattern in your head and it goes much quicker.  I  finished off 2 more motifs to make matching earrings.  This rose-burgundy shade is one of my favorites.


  1. Oh Jeanie how stunning your new creation is...I can just imagine the shade of the beads shimmering in the sunlight. I just love MY necklace and wear it as often as i have the proper neckline on my tops...

  2. This piece is very nice! Love it! Tee