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Monday, November 15, 2010

Mona Catsa

This month's challenge in the Monthly ATC group is to use the Mona Lisa as your inspiration.  I didn't have too far to look!  My cat, Fanny, has the most direct stare you can possibly imagine.  It's quite unnerving to wake up in the middle of the night to see her staring at you.  She's every bit as enigmatic as the Mona Lisa!

I wrinkled and glued tissue paper to the card, then painted it randomly with water colors.  I used a bit of gold German scrap as the trim.  The little heart is made by wetting tissue paper and stuffing it into a small mold.  I then unmolded it, let it dry thoroughly, and painted it with acrylic paint.  The webby-type scrap is something I received from a fellow trader.  I wish I knew where I could get more of this material!  It's wonderful!  If anyone out there knows where I might find some of this, I'd really appreciate your letting me know!


  1. Oh this is lovely Jeanie...how clever you are!!

    Jenny x

  2. Love it - so funny - the name really did make me "LOL!"

    Really like the webbing, it gives it nice dimension. I don't know if this would be close to what you want, but I do know you can use snippets of decorative threads (same or various colors) along with a lightweight webbed fusible stabilizer between a pressing sheet to get something similar. I've seen it used under tulle in decorative bags and art quilts. Don't know why you couldn't do the same for paper....

  3. Very cute collage card. Unique papers just make the project, well, unique :-)

  4. Beautiful techniques here. I love your Mona Catsa!xx