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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dress for November

Can't believe there's just one more dress until this challenge ends!  This has been so much fun!  Thank you, Alice and Camilla , for hosting this unforgettable challenge.  Is there anyone out there thinking of hosting the challenge for 2011?

Well, here's my dress for November.
I'm still obsessed with leaves!  I wanted to design a festive ball gown so I started with brown paper painted with acrylic paint.  I added the gorgeous paper leaves and did not feel that this dress required any further embellishment!

Here is my dress closet.

The box to the right is to hold hats, gloves, etc.  And there's a little necklace form to hold necklaces that I will (hopefully) have time to make eventually.


  1. What a darling dress and your leaves look absolutely perfect on it!


  2. Your dresses look great all together in their wardrobe.

    I love your November dress, it looks perfect as it is - look at that fabulous pinched in waistline, just like mine (well, in my dreams anyway lol).

  3. Love this beautiful fall gown! The wardrobe is perfect ;^)

  4. Your dress is gorgeous. I really like the green color you've achieved! Oh, and your wardrobe is just perfect!
    PS I think a few ladies have volunteered to host the event next year (including me), but I haven't heard anything "official" from Margaret yet.

  5. J'aime beaucoup cette idée de challenge , malheureusement , je n'ai pas assez de temps pour participer ! votre petite robe d'automne est très réussie ainsi que votre petite armoire! Bravo !
    Amicalement Mary

  6. Oh, stunning Jeanie! glorious colour for November and great texture.
    I love your wardrobe and your dresses look fab together, the little stand is inspired!
    I'm so pleased you played along, what a great piece of art we all have! Margaret

  7. Your creation is like a forest fairy's dress ! I'm really hoping someone continues this for 2011 too.

  8. A beautiful dress Jeanie, it would rustle when you walked in it just like the sound of walking through fallen leaves!!
    I read in the comments on either Nov's or Oct's Dress comments on Margaret's blog that someone was going to do it through a yahoo forum I think.

  9. WOWSERS, Jeanie! These are fabulous!