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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Dress Challenge Dress for June

I could NOT resist the temptation to design a paper wedding dress for the June Dress Challenge.  The dress is made entirely of paper except for the scroll embellishments.  The dress was cut of several layers of thin white tissue paper overlapping each other.  The dress waistband and wrist bands are folded, cumberbund style, from tissue.  The frilly cuffs, skirt, and veil were made from thin tissue paper, as well.  The entire dress was sprinkled lightly with very fine crystal sparkle that doesn't show too well in the photo unless you enlarge the photo.

The big challenge with this dress was using the Martha Stewart die cutter on tissue paper to make the frilly embellishments.  Ever try to cut tissue paper????  I finally discovered the trick.  I took an 8-1/2 x 11 piece of white computer paper and folded it in half.  I then put about 6 layers of tissue in between, against the fold.  Then, I slid the paper into the cutter and cut.  The computer paper protects the tissue and allows it to be cut perfectly.

I didn't think about it when I was creating this dress, but it reminds me a lot of the wedding gown I wore in 1967.  See below.  It was not a paper dress!  I purchased it at the JC Penney Outlet store for $47.00. 
It was a completely gorgeous gown!

My wardrobe is getting full!


  1. Oh Jeanie,

    I'm actually quite embarrassed to admit what I made for June was a wedding gown after seeing your beautiful and overwhelmingly gorgeous and unique creation. Can you tell how much I love this dress? I don't suppose I could hire you to make a few alterations in mine? I see you put the dress in a dry cleaning bag (grin), too.

    This dress makes me smile, laugh, and appreciate all the details and time you spent on this beauty. Wonderful, wonderful dress.

  2. Jeanie, its a beautiful brides dress and you were a beautiful bride too!!

    good tip on the tissue cutting as well, i love all your little details... jenxo

  3. Here comes the bride ! and stunning she is too in this lovely wedding dress - which is just like yours ! I enlarged for all the lovely detail.
    My wedding guest will be there !

  4. Both paper dress and your wedding dress are beautiful! I Love them!

  5. Oh Jeanie, your wedding dress is just lovely. Great idea on how to cut the tissue paper too. Your little wardrobe looks so sweet filled with your little dresses...

  6. Absolutely charming and lovely!
    What a pretty bride you were!
    Seeing all of your dresses together is a real delight!

  7. Aunt Jean,
    Love it!! So pretty - and fun that you dug out a picture of your own dress :)

    May still has to be my favorite. I absolutely love your little amoire. How cute is that?!?!

    Wishing I had done this challenge too!

  8. Oh Jeanie, how gorgeous is your June dress!! and I love the inspiration behind it.
    I've seen the Martha Stewart punches over here and only last week resisted the temptation to buy one (like I need another one??! erm yes..) I think the shapes they have are very pretty and I had a total 'aha' moment when I read your tip!!
    Isn't it exciting to see our wardrobes filling! Margaretx

  9. Wow - your paper dress is just stunning, I love it - almost as pretty as the real thing - thanks for sharing your beautiful photo.
    (great tip about punching through tissue too)

  10. Oh this is so pretty!!! I love all of your dresses and your wardrobe! Marva

  11. Oh, this is lovely! I especially love the "lace" on the sleeves and the hem. You are very resourceful, figuring out how to cut the tissue paper!

  12. Beautiful dress.my june dress copy my wedding dress to :)
    Thanks for your comment in my blog.

  13. Jeanie your brides dress is so beautiful, I relly like it, great work.

  14. Wow!... your paper wedding dress is stunning!! Thank you for the tips on punching tissue paper too.
    ....and what a beautiful bride you were... Gorgeous dress Jeanie!!
    Your dress collection is looking fabulous!!
    Mmmm I was considering making a wedding gown for this challenge too, but it wont be anywhere as lovely as your creation!!

    Jan x

  15. what a gorgeous dress... great thought to use the punches on tissue, I bet that was a task. results are wonderful

  16. excellent and how look beautiful together!!:))

  17. excellent and how look beautiful together!!:))

  18. How wonderful! Love the wardrobe too!

  19. Absolutely stunning Jeanie! All your dresses look gorgeous together and you were a beautiful bride!
    Thank you for explaining how to punch tissue paper :-)