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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Silent Movie Card

This is a card I made in June for a silent movie swap. The swap has yet to end and I'm not sure if it will. Anyway, here is the card I created. It's hard to see in the photo, but the red pieces are 3-D and are supposed to look like a movie curtain. Look closely at that photo. Yes, that is ME with the gorgeous Tommy Lee Jones. This is a scene from a movie made in the 70's about Howard Hughes. He looked a lot younger in those days, but then so did I! My husband, Frank, photoshopped me into this picture. I LOVE this picture! hee hee. Please notice on the back of the card that I give MYSELF top billing over Mr. Jones in the film, "The Diva and Mr. Jones."

Here's the original photo. The reason it's not so clear is that the original 'photo' was a video capture from a bad vhs copy of the film. But doesn't that give it an antiquey look?

That's the dress I wore on the day I married Frank, February 7, 1998. I bought that dress in a store that was close to the Big Chicken in Marietta, Georgia - but that's another story...


  1. Love this!! I love how vintage it looks and where did you fine such a young picture of Tommy L:ee Jones?

  2. The picture of the young Mr. Jones was actually a video capture from the film "The Amazing Howard Hughes."